Company history SA Bucuria

The trademark SA «Bucuria» is the visit card of Moldova. Today this is the largest enterprise producing confectionery in the republic. For more than six decades the company SA «Bucuria» gives joy to the children and grown-ups, totally corresponding to the motto – «Life is sweeter with us…»

The invariably high quality, the natural verified ingredients and the widest assortment of production – these are the main components of the success of SA «Bucuria», which made the company famous not only in its country, but also far away its borders. The huge variety of denominations of candies, chocolate, marshmallow, marmalade, biscuits, many other sweets produced at SA «Bucuria» have long ago become, together with the Moldavian wines, a particular symbol of Moldova. And today, when out of the production lines of SA «Bucuria» around 37 tones of confectionery are received daily, it is difficult to believe that the history of the «sweet legend» of our country began in the far year 1946 from the association of several small manufactories.


Advancing to the future

At present SA «Bucuria» is the greatest enterprise specialized in the production of confectionery. The amount of production is of almost 90 percent of the amount of candy productions in the Republic of Moldova.

The strong points of the activity of the enterprise are:

the availability of primary raw material and materials;

the favorable geographic location of Moldova, which creates favorable conditions for the promotion of the production on the market of Europe, CIS and Middle East;

the branchy networks of specialized stores, which actively supports the ale of the production;

the production of a wide range of high quality production corresponding to the consumer demand;

the technology of use of natural primary components, which favorable distinguishes the production of SA «Bucuria» from the production of the foreign enterprises, where frequently a lot of preservatives are used;

the possibility to manufacture production at an available price.


In composition of SACP «Bucuria» included...

the confectionary enterprise «Bucuria» in the center of Chisinau (162 Columna street); Yearly amount of production – 38,5 thousand tones;

the Chisinau branch of SPRO;

the branch in Criuleni with a shop for the production of construction equipment, a sector of production of drops, confectionary production. Yearly amount – 1,6 thousand tones;

Today the efforts of the administration and working staff are directed to the attaining of a maximal level of professionalism, elaboration of individual programs of collaboration, perfection of the marketing policy. «Bucuria» looks with confidence in the future, it has someone and something to be pride of!

Among the numerous awards received by the famous enterprise, there is one most important: in 1994, for excellent indexes in the condition of the market economy and for the originality of the production, SA «Bucuria» received in Brussels the award of the European Center of research in the sphere of the market.


Open joint-stock company

In 1994, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, SACP «Bucuria» changed the form of property – now it is an open joint-stock company with private form of capital. The structure of the production of SA «Bucuria» consists of production shops, branches with their own amount of production, specialized equipment.


In step with the time

The nineties years of the past century have radically changed both the history of the country and the history of the factory «Bucuria». We shall remember that the entering of all the branches of the industries in the market reforms in the years 1990 was a complex and difficult process. The production decreased, the investment of funds in the development and technical re-equipment lowered, the use of the production capacities worsened. From the beginning of the years ’90, from the first years of the period of transition to the market relations, «Bucuria» passed through a new, fourth stage of its development. The time of global transformation established not also new tasks, but also the perspectives related to the modification of the form of property.

On the 28th of September 1992, by coordination with the labor staff and in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Moldova «On the joint-stock companies» the rent enterprise became a joint-stock company of the closed type with joint state and privatized capital. Thus the enterprise received the status of SACP «Bucuria».


Time of recognition

Simultaneously with the recognition, the enterprise itself is growing and strengthening. Towards 1986 the production capacities reached 42 thousand tones of confectionery per year. Even today, at the daybreak of the XXI century, not many enterprises may boast of such high indexes!

The year 1987 is important in the history of the economy of our country because of the creation of the Association of enterprises of the confectionary industry «Bucuria». In fact, this is already a strong company where, besides the factory which became a principal enterprise, 10 sovkhoz-plants and also other structural subdivisions entered. The basic task of the entered agricultural enterprises was the growing in specialized economies supplied with modern equipment of berries and fruit cultures for the subsequent processing into the half-finished products necessary to the factory.


Experiment time

In 1977 «Bucuria» acquired the status of research-experimental enterprise. This happened due to the active implementation in the production process of non traditional types of raw material. This way the second stage in the history of the «sweet legend» started. In such an innovative direction in the confectionary branch as the implementation of new, non traditional types of raw material, «Bucuria» being a progressive enterprise, consolidated the authority of leader using in full the riches of the nature of our land itself. On the production lines, as flavor additives and fillings, all the multitude of Moldavian harvest was placed. The effect was higher than any expectation: the elaborations conferred an unrepeated attractiveness to the produced confectionery!

The assimilation of the new direction conditioned the suitability of shortening up to a minimum the distance between the confectionary production and the sources of raw material. It was necessary to think everything over up to the most minute things in order to avoid the damage and losses during the transportation, storage and processing of the production.


Acquisition of the name

In 1955 the factory was renamed into the Confectionery-pasta factory, and seven years after, in 1962, to that denomination another name, known today to each small and adult sweet tooth not only of our country, was added – «Bucuria», which in translation means «joy». It is indeed impossible to invent a more suitable name for the confectionery factory: after all, the sweets give joy to everybody with no exceptions – both to adults and children!


Growing strength

The facts are telling us about the scale, scope and enthusiasm of those who were at the origins of the creation of the «sweet fairytale»! From the moment of its foundation, the factory represented a high tempo construction site. Thus, already in 1946, on the sites developed by the factory, the construction of the boiler-room and compressor-room started. In the shortest terms the chromolithography shop, the mechanical shop, the transformer substation, the gas generating station or the supply of gas to the biscuit and wafer stoves were put into operation.

In 1949 the pasta shop with the capacity of 10 tones of production per day was put into operation. You see: such an index is even today considered not bad, and at «Bucuria» it grew up to 50 tines subsequently. In 1952 the biscuit shop with the capacity of 14 tones of production per day was put into operation. Further one that index grew up to 33 tones per day. Such high results could be attained with a three-shift regime of work of the mentioned shops.


Birth of the legend

Namely this difficult, first post-war year, is according to the documents the official date of «birth» of the confectionery factory No. 1 of Chisinau, on the basis of which subsequently the most «tasty» enterprise of our country appeared– SA «Bucuria». Of course, the manufactories for the production of confectionery also existed on our lands in the past. As the historic sources say, in the period from 1918 till 1944, 49 shops for the production of candies and confectionery were functioning on the territory of Basarabia. In fact, there was no production in the modern sense of the notion: the pastry and caramel was manufactured manually, in actually hand-made conditions – on gas-stove burners, at the light of the kerosene lamps…

The year 1946 is marked in our history by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the republic on the modernization and launching of the production at the enterprise founded on the basis of the ex-artisan enterprises – factory No. 1 of Chisinau.