АССОРТИМЕНТ Colecţia Nr.1
Code: 409459

When creating beautiful and original things surely you have noticed that we really enjoy those moments and we wish to feast our eyes with those things continuously because they capture our attention. Such features can be found in this collection in which we have included six of the most unique and sophisticated handmade white, dark and milk chocolate candies of different shapes with special gustatory qualities, with fillings of the most delicious green walnut jam, hazelnuts, tea rose, apricot pieces and coffee, with delicate milk and vanilla cream put in an original box you and your relatives are going to like. For those who are able to appreciate both high quality and taste.

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 АССОРТИМЕНТ Colecţia Nr.1 409459 4840095031208 4 шт.
90 дней 180 шт. 295*195*88