Code: 409461

Natural chocolate, fruits and berries are combined in the luxury box of 46 delicious sweets Forastero Paradis: "Trandafir" – with rose petals filling, "Felicia" - with addition of delicate berries, "Nuca verde" – with green nuts jam filling, "Succes" – with milk cream and roasted hazelnuts, "Aricei" - with roasted hazelnuts, "Deliciu" - with milky filling, "Crisp" - with roasted hazelnuts and puffed rice.

Photo Code Bar code Кол. кг/шт в одном коробе/футляре
Срок годности Кол. коробов на европоддоне Кол. футляров в одном коробе Размеры короба (мм)
 FORASTERO 409461 4840095003564 4 шт.
90 дней 60 шт. 432*323*165